Google Chrome: New page in browser war

Google Chrome 


Google Chrome

Google has launched new web browser Chrome. It is based on Webkit engine. Webkit is mainly a used by mobile phone/device browser.

Google claims that it has been tested with billions of already crawled pages by Google. So it seems it has passed good amount of automated testing.

Google has published introduction of browser in comic format on following URL. It is interesting.

Here big question is: Can Chrome capture the big market share of Internet Explorer? Firefox tried to do it with many good features, but I believe majority of traffic of most site comes from Internet Explore. I think you will not find much literature about Internet Explorer beating Firefox, but you can find reverse easily.

So now it is not only about features but also about marketing, Strong Goggle is behind Chrome. We need to see how Google do the marketing of Chrome. Will it capture the market share of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Similar things happed in operating system market. People says Linux has captured the market of Unix or its proprietary variant not the market share of Microsoft Windows.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Firefox comes with tab browsing concept.

Chrome will come with multi process & multi threading concept.

Internet Explorer do not come with any concept, but it comes with Windows.


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