Links for 2008-09-21

  • ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on what’s new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform. It’s a directory, a news source, a reference guide, a community.
  • Really useful flash application to create chart using Google Chart API. It is front-end for Google Chart API. Using it we can create many types of chart supported by Google Chart API without knowing the detail & technical specification of Google Chart API.
  • This article reviews some of the top open-source version control systems and tools that make setting up a version control system easy. This article discuss about CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar, Monotone, LibreSource, Git.
  • Good resource for Linux.
  • This article will share some best practices and examples for using the popular Javascript framework to create unobtrusive, accessible DOM scripting effects. The article will explore what constitutes best practices with regard to Javascript and, furthermore, why jQuery is a good choice of a framework to implement best practices.
    1. Why jQuery?
    2. Unobtrusive DOM Scripting?
    3. Understanding jQuery for Unobtrusive DOM Scripting
    4. Conclusion
    5. Further Reading

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