Google Chrome Beta release

Google Chrome version has been released by Google. This new version is get updated automatically. You can open About Google Chrome (from the wrench menu) to get the update at any time. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Top Fixed Issues

  1. Scrolling with laptop touchpads now works.
  2. Improved performance and reliability for plugins (like Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, and Windows Media). We fixed issues with video not loading, stopping after a second, and slowing down or freezing Google Chrome (100% CPU usage). 
  3. Fixed the ‘chrome has crashed’ message when you close a tab that was showing PDF using Adobe Reader 9. 
  4. We no longer store data from secure sites (they use https: and show a lock in the address bar) in your history. You can still search your history for the site’s address, but not the contents on the page. 
  5. Improved performance and reliability for people who use web proxies (thanks to griffinz for the fixes).

Some improvement in incognito window, spell checker & download behaviour of the files are some other changes.

Security fix for address spoofing in pop-ups issue released in the new beta release.

Now Google Chrome is not crashing while writing WordPress blog. Previous version was crashing frequenly. It is more stable version than previous release.  Read more about first version review.

More details on:


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