Chrome’s 1st Stable Release

Google released first stable version of Chrome on 11 December 2008.  This is version is mailly bug fix & performance optimized version.

  1. It has fixed bug related to audio & video plugins. Now it has some more stability.
  2. It has optimized V8. Chrome team claims V8 of this release is faster than first beta.
  3. Bookmark management features introduced. Also introduced some priacy related features.


These were main points of first stable release. Stable release just after 100 days with basic features is good from any developmet team. In between first beta & first stable there were 14 releases.

Now people will think about Chrome as it has stable version. There is a challenge to come and stand equal with IE, Firefox, Safari & Opera. As Chrome is in its childhood with not much features, it may require some more time & some more new features to become mature or comperable main stream browser.

There will be many new features in version 2.


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