Chat tips for effective professional communication

Nowadays many people uses chat tools in professional life at work place. Many time communication is not effective. Following are the tips to make it more effective.

1. Ask permission for discussion & time before starting discussion

Do you have time to discuss this?
Can we discuss this?
can we discuss for 10 minutes?
It is very important in professional environment.

2. Start day with greetings for first time in day.

Good Morning or something like that.
It makes good feel to opposite person.

3. Prepare all material require to discuss.

If require, send all documents & query list via email.

4. Messages should be clear & short, but should not miss important detail

5. Very important: Clear the context.

In which context you are talking, other person cannot understand it easily.

6. Confirm the understanding

It is important
It will save you from disaster.

7. Notify other party about delay

If you are on phone, say : moment on phone
If you are opening or checking some detail, say: moment checking
avoid delay without any explicit notification

8. Send suitable greeting at the during end of discussion like following

Thanks, Thank you
Have a nice time/day/weekend,
Sorry for delay
bye Take care etc…
This will be considered as official notification of end of discussion.

9. Correct spell mistakes in next line

**corrected spelling
wrong spelling = right spelling

10. Know timezone of opposite person.

It will help  you make decision about actions.

11. Be polite not aggressive or decisive

No need to tell this to any professional.

12. Avoid short forms of message

like lol, brb, jam etc….
This may create confusion.

13. Use messenger status, to avoid unwanted messages.

like Busy, In meeting, In office, @Work etc..

14. before ending chat session confirm the summery points

Something like:
1. 5 documents to deliver
2. 3 Emails to send
It will increase the effectiveness of communication.

15.While pasting web links. Brief the other person what this link is about.

Other person can not understand what to do with link without any information. You can not order by pasting link to messenger to open it. Give brief info so he can make suitable decision.

I hope this will help in your professional life.

Keep in mind that effective communication can make good relationship, that you can en-cash it easily.

While pasting web links. Brief the other person what it is before hand. He is not free to just click on whatever you send. He might be in a happy mood about his new born baby; You send him the link of “100 people dead in a plane crash”.. Does it make sense to him?

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