3G Services on Indian Mobile

Today Indian Mobile phone subscriber has access to internet via GPRS or similar service from operator. Government has set platform for 3G services. Within one year 3G services will be started in India. (BSNL plans to lunch it by December 2008). Meaning of 3G services for not technical user is simply high speed internet & video services on mobile.

3G Services Hurdle

I think 3G services in India will be available to all but only high-end user will use it like blackberry user. It will not be popular to in common man at least in first 2 years. There are few reasons that I think is following.

  1. Less popular GPRS or internet on mobile.
  2. Less localized application & content.
  3. Higher cost of services.

I think this is the time for government & companies to promote internet on mobile otherwise it will be late & may affect popularity & acceptance of 3G services.

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